Ball & Silk Vase

Product Code: FOHM/FOH79

The Ball & Silk Vase

*With Additional Matching Silk Ball

This Brand New Ball Vase was commissioned originally as a special Birthday Gift for one of our Clients who particularly asked for this to made using a number 8 Billiard Ball, this delightful  and thoroughly magical Ball Vase comes with matching Ball, Shell & added Silk Ball allowing you to extend the routine, to include Ball transposition and Silk Vanish & Appearance...The Vase measures approx 6.5” in Height and is in the plain turning style with stylised shoulders and an attractive raised circular Finial on the dome of the vase...The central knop is set slightly lower and is hollow . This beautiful Issue is made from African Sapeli and uses 2” Billiard Balls.

*This Issue can be boxed if required or commissioned as a larger Set Selection.

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