Bish Bash Bosh

Product Code: FHOM/FOH03

Bish Bash Bosh

In Association with Wayne Dobson & John Palfreyman

Do you love “Smash and Stab” but are too scared to do it, or do you need family friendly effects for your repertoire? – Then “BISH BASH BOSH” is for you....
The 4 wooden plinths are shown, one of which holds an egg inside the eggcup. 4 upturned polystyrene cups are then used to cover the plinths. A Spectator mixes up the cups and plinths whilst the Magicians back is turned, so that no one knows where the egg is. Then, by using the special numbered cards the Spectator, or Magician, proceed to BISH, BASH and BOSH the cups with the mallet. Miraculously, a potentially messy outcome is avoided and the Magician lifts the last cup to reveal the egg!
You are supplied with the following:
• 4 round wooden plinths, one of which is mounted with an eggcup.
• A wooden mallet
• A “BISH BASH BOSH” sign and wooden plinth to display and hold the sign.
• 4 cards numbered 1-4
• Supply of polystyrene cups to get you started (these are available from supermarkets, cash and carries and can also be sourced via the internet).

*Plus additional Routine Ideas from Wayne Dobson & John Palfreyman

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