Chinese Chop Sticks

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Coin Productions within Magic Performance have a long history...Professor Hoffman gave us the ultimate Coin Producing Wand which was used to perfection in the expert hands of the great Al Flosso, Colin re-created this Classic of Magic some years ago and it was and remains to this day one of our most popular lines. In recent months Colin and Gaetan Bloom explored the possibility of using something more ordinary, something less 'magical' everyday item which could be used in a magical way to produce coins, the simple logic of using something that we do not associate with magic thereby making the 'production' all the more extraordinary... "The Enchanted Tweezers" launched at the end of Summer 2007 used a totally unique & original method which enabled this classic routine to be performed without any sleight of hand required...with this method a continuous stream of coins fall one after the other into the metal pot. You see them fall... you hear them 'pling' into the container BUTwhen the Magician goes to collect his 'windfall' the coins have completely disapeared!

NOWColin has taken the art of 'Coin Production' up another Level with "Chinese Chop Sticks"...a really fabulous idea suggested by our good friend Rafael, a very creative Magician from Belgium. A seemingly ordinary pair of  Bamboo Chopsticks are seen to catch a never ending stream of coins , as they fall one after the other into the pot the Magician is confident that his Chinese Dinner is paid for...until he reaches in to collect the coins, only to find that they have completely disapeared...or perhaps they were never there in the first place!!

* This Item includes a Stainless Steel Pot and features an American Half Dollar


 *Please Note that we can make custom Sets for Right ot Left Handed Performers, please advise us when ordering which hand you favour

Order your Chopsticks now on-line and add this great new Coin Production item to your next won't be dissapointed!

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