Egg Drop Trick

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The Egg Drop Trick...

The Egg Drop is a classic science demonstration that illustrates Newton's Laws of Motion, namely inertia. The challenge sounds so simple... just get the egg into the glass of water, but there are a few obstacles. The egg is perched high above the water on a plastic tube, and a sheet of Clear Perspex sits between the tube and the water. Still think it's easy? Sir Isaac Newton does...and so did Tommy Cooper the iconic Comedian & Magician who made this a Signature Trick in his Act....

Although this began as a Scientific Experiment, over the Years this was borrowed by Performers & Magicians down through the years, and used successfully to add valuable minutes by building suspense towards what is expected to be a complete fiasco, but what turns out to be a fabulous and very funny finale...proving without doubt that the Magician really can do Magic!

This is a fabulous Comedy Routine, where the apparatus is set to one side, and can be used as a ‘Rolling Gag’ by returning to the trick a number of times before closing as a Finale and actually dropping ALL FOUR EGGSinto the Glasses of Water.

Colin has created a really Professional & Stylish Set that can be used in your Magic Show, Corporate Demonstration or Children's Show to great effect... the edges of the sheet have been 'bevelled' for comfortable impact in performance...just take a look at any of the Tommy Cooper Clips You Tube to see just how good this is and what can be achieved when presented well.

You receive a special Clear Perspex Sheet

Four Special Clear Plastic Tubes

* This has been tested by Colin and so far he has managed to achieve great success with both Eggs and 1.8cm Pool Balls, also he has experimented with a number of different proto-types, what you have here are the best quality apparatus in both measurements, width, length and diameter to achieve the best results...

Please Note: This is not a self working trick it is necessary to practice ...

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