Enchanted Tweezers

Product Code: FOHM/FOH35

The Enchanted Tweezers”
 By Colin Rose & Gaetan Bloom
                                                             HOT ITEM!!!

*Produce  A Whole Number Of Coins from thin Air with No Sleight of Hand Required
* Produce Coins from a Flash of Fire
* A perfect apparatus to use in conjunction with “The Miser’s Dream”
*Hand Crafted from Polished Brass
* Features An American Half Dollar
*Completely working Tweezers which allow you to pick up a selection of items before the Coin production.

This wonderful and uniquely ingenious apparatus inspired by Gaeton Bloom, instead of using the customary wand… an everyday and quite ordinary Tweezers are used to create this magical production, making the performance even more extraordinary! By using this unique method, it is possible to use the tweezers to pick up a variety of objects before you actually produce the coin itself…by adding Flash Wool & Paper the production can be made even more spectacular!
This is a great new take on a Classic Coin Production that will work well in most performance Venues…

* Please Note we can make custom sets for Right or Left Hand Performers, please advise us when ordering which hand you favour.

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