'Mystified' Card Box

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"Strange things happen…

The inspiration for this box came from our friend Steve Cookwho recently asked if I could make him a nice slim card box for his special routine using 5 ESP Cards. Unfortunately I made his box too thin and had to make another one. It was whilst playing around with the box that went wrong that I accidently stumbled on something interesting that could be done with this thin card box… I have called it 'Mystified’

So a big thank you to Steve for leading me to a new product… You must be a Magician."

Colin Rose




(The Ultra Thin ‘No Turn’ Card Box)
Made by Colin Rose

The Classic Card Box has always been a favourite piece of apparatus with Magicians and its popularity has never diminished over the years… The high level of craftsmanship that you have come to expect in Colin’s work is evident here… This New Card Box does not disappoint; it has been beautifully made and has a shape and design thinner than usual, Elegant, Stylish with soft edges for easy handling; this svelte and willowy ‘wonder box’ will enable you to create some startling ‘transformations’, ‘colour changes’, ‘appearances’, ‘restorations’ & ‘predictions’ but without having to turn the box over…making the illusion happen instantly and in a magical and entertaining way…


For example … you have had a card chosen... BUT… it is the wrong one…no problem simply put the card into the box, give the box to the Spectator and their correct card will be inside when they open it… use it for Spirit Messages or a truly ‘Magical’ transformation from one card to another instantly…

Include this in your 'Corporate Show' as part of your 'pitch'; it is a magical way to introduce your Business Card or Product...if you perform 'magic' you really can't afford to leave home without this one...


No sleight of hand is required as the Box is completely self-working, just place a card inside and close the lid…


The performance possibilities for this particular Card Box are endless and will become the next ‘must have miracle worker’ to go into your repertoire…once again Colin has created a beautiful piece of magic to bring the ‘magic’ out in you….

Made in Mahogany
Approximate Outside Dimensions:
Length; 115mm
Width: 90mm
Depth; 22mm

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