Wayne Dobson's Teach A Card Trick

Product Code: FOHM/AKOM10

Wayne Dobson's Teach A Card Trick

This spectacular routine comes from Wayne Dobson's Lecture... based on an original idea of the American Magician, Karrel Fox. You teach the spectator a card trick, and at the finish, neither he, or the audience, are aware of how it was accomplished!

This routine previously relied on an assistant 'to load' the card but now by using a very special Card Box this routine is now completely self-working and now elevated to 'Miracle Status'... With Wayne Dobson's Comedy Presentation this is certain to be a winner. You can pass the box to the spectator with confidence... There is nothing to see!

** Please Note this Card Box is now made from Mahogany/Sapeli & not the striped veneers and a new photograph will be available shortly..thank you


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